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The Hickey Family, Northport


When an expectant mother learns that her pregnancy is high-risk, she seeks out safe, high-quality care for both herself and for her baby. For Lisa Hickey, a Northport resident, this search brought her to St. Charles Hospital.  And it was her experience here that brought her back for her next delivery.

“Throughout my pregnancy with Liam, I had episodes of bleeding and Dr. San Roman, my obstetrician, said I had placenta previa, a potentially dangerous condition. Liam was also breech, meaning that he was positioned feet first [in the womb], instead of headfirst. It was like a double whammy,” explained Lisa. 

“Before my due date, I started having mild contractions but the medications were not stopping them. Dr. San Roman is fantastic. I went in to see him and he said, 'Look, for your safety and your baby’s, I think it’s a good idea that we schedule an emergency c-section today.’"

“I was a little nervous at first. I had a child previously, but this was my first c-section. Everyone in the St. Charles labor and delivery room was great. The anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself and explained everything. They explained to me that it was their main priority to keep me safe. The surgery went well and afterward, Liam was in the St. Charles NICU for monitoring.”

“I was at St. Charles for about four days. The maternity unit feels like you are at home. The rooms are great. I had my room pretty much to myself, except for one night. I shared with someone else going through a difficult time with their child being in the NICU. We were able to keep each other uplifted and help one another through the process. That was nice.”

“The nurses are amazing,” added Lisa, “At one point, they said, 'We’ll bring you your baby, but if you want to rest, rest.’ And I did. I learned from having my first child that I was going to take the rest when I could get it, because once you are home, it’s all over,” she said, laughing. “I was very lucky. Liam came home with me when I left.”

When it came time for Lisa to have her next child, Gavin, she chose St. Charles again.

“Gavin was a scheduled c-section because of the issues I had with Liam. It was Christmas time and Christmas day happens to be my birthday. When we were choosing the date, I asked Dr. San Roman if we could make schedule delivery for two days after Christmas, because I wanted to be home with on the 25th and needed the day after Christmas to get organized; I didn’t want to come home to toys everywhere. He laughed and agreed that it would be the 27th.”

“With that, there was a huge, huge blizzard on the 26th. St. Charles called and offered to let me come in ahead of the storm, but I opted to stay home with my family for one more night. On the morning of the 27th, we had a neighbor plow us out. We had everything under control and organized. There were no issues, no complications with the delivery.”

Even today, Lisa has no plans of staying away. 

“We’re going to be back at St. Charles at the end of May. A family member is having her second child and we’ll come visit her,” she said.