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The Codrington Family


For parents of growing children, it can be a challenge to know when to step in to help your child and when to let your child take the lead. Kelly Codrington, a resident of Shirley, explains how the maternity staff at St. Charles Hospital struck that same kind of balance when it came to caring for her and her second son, Carter.

“Carter is our honeymoon baby. We found out a month after we were married that we were having him,” explained Kelly.

“I had found the gynecologist I wanted, Suffolk OBGYN, so when I learned that they delivered at St. Charles, I was all for it.”

“Carter’s birth was the roughest of my three deliveries. His birth was planned. He was due December 20th, but because I had choleostasis and gestational diabetes, they needed to induce labor. St. Charles called us the night before [Carter was born] and said they had room for us to come in and start the process.”

“I was pretty upset when I got there. It is nerve racking, premeditating labor,” said Kelly, who had given birth before. “It’s a different experience going in to deliver knowing exactly what you are getting into, but the staff was great with us. They were very comforting and, with lots of patience and support from them, I delivered Carter after 24 hours of labor. He was the most precious, loving, happy baby boy.”

“The stay [on the maternity unit] was great,’ added Kelly. “Because Carter was my second baby, I felt the nurses let me bond with him. They were there when I needed them, but not hovering. They were just very supportive.”

“Carter was born late, almost midnight, so I enjoyed that it was just me and him for a while. I played Christmas music in my room and bonded with my baby. I always reflect on that time and like that about St. Charles. It’s nostalgic for me.”