Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Whether through injury or illness, a tramatic brain injury is a life altering event.  The pace and extent of recovery from brain injury varies considerably, even between individuals with similar types of injury. Our physicians are skilled in caring for people with a wide range of brain injuries that includes everything from concussions to traumatic brain injuries.

A team approach to traumatic brain injury rehabilitation is essential to maximize the return of function and independence. Our physicians lead the rehabilitation team which includes physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, nurses, vocational counselors, and social workers.

Our physicians work with patients to address:

    Cognitive skills – memory, orientation, judgment, abstract reasoning, attention  deficits
    Behavior Modification – agitation, impulsivity
    Strength, range of motion, balance and coordination
    Mobility – getting out of bed, standing, walking
    Activities of daily living (ADL’s) – grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting
    Bowel and bladder management
    Communication skills – speech and language
    Swallowing and nutrition
    Visual, perceptual areas
    Depression – anxiety, anger, frustration, fear

Inpatient hospitalization for rehabilitation is beneficial based on medical stability, need for nursing care, home support system and insurance. This decision is made by the rehabilitation physician in concert with the rehabilitation admissions nurses.

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