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Sports Injury Prevention


Injury prevention is at the core of what we do at St. Charles Sports Medicine,
from cutting edge treaments for less acute injuries to the innovative programs and publications we deliver.

Sports Recovery Clinic


Our free recovery clinic for high school athletes is similar to clinics enjoyed by professional athletes. The clinic encourages physical recovery between games and features resources generally available only in elite college programs and professional sports, such as full submersion ice water baths (cryotherapy), professional quality electrical stimulation devices and intermittent compression devices. Student athletes work one-on-one with St. Charles’ distinguished sports therapists, receiving individual evaluations and guidance through stretching exercises. The clinic is ideal for in-season athletes looking to remedy muscle soreness and fatigue between games, as well as for off-season athletes looking to stay in shape. It is offered at St. Charles Rehabilitation’s Centereach and Patchogue locations during the Fall and Spring season. No appointment is necessary and athletes from all sports are welcome.

Individuals under 18 must have a parental waiver. The parental waiver is found HERE.

For more information, call (631) 474-6797.

Pre-season Injury Prevention Screenings for Baseball


St. Charles Sports Medicine offers pre-season injury prevention screenings for baseball to help players avoid common shoulder and elbow injuries. These physical performance evaluations are conducted in three sessions, beginning eight weeks before pre-season begins.

Specially trained sports physical therapists from St. Charles assess the mobility and range of motion in the player's shoulder, elbow and lower body and test strength of upper and lower limbs, stability of the upper body, core and endurance, and overall balance and perception. Based upon the initial assessments, players recieve an individually tailored tailored exercise program to address any deficits he may have. In the third and final session, a player is evaluated to measure his progress with the exercise program.

The Physical Evaluation Program includes all three sessions for $150.

For more information or to make an appointment call (631) 474-6797.

ACL Injury Prevention Exercise Program


With a high incidence of ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury among female athletes, St. Charles Sports Medicine has a defined strategy to help reduce their occurance. While certain factors predispose athletes to risk of ACL tears, there are steps which can be taken to assist in preventing them. Our exercise program is designed help athletes gain the strength and motor control needed to prevent ACL tears during high-powered movements such as landing from a jump, pivoting to change direction, or stopping quickly from a sprint.

To download a free copy of the exercise program, click HERE


Sports Medicine Newsletter


In the quarterly Sports Medicine Newsletter, our clinical experts offer athletes insight on how to deal with common physical conditions they may face, such as heel pain, shoulder strain and more. They also provide guidance on how to enhance athletic performance, serving up advice on variety of topics, from proper nutrition and hydration to healthy sleep habits and stress management. The newsletter is available in print format and can be downloaded from our website.

View the latest issues of the newsletter HERE



Concussion Management Protocols


St. Charles and the Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) have come together to bring Long Island student athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and parents a concussion management tool, known as the R.E.A.P. Project Guidebook. The guidebook offers athletes, their families, school and medical 'teams’ specific action plans to Reduce further brain injury following a concussion, Educate and collaborate on diagnosis and treatment, Accommodate for the recovering athlete and Pace the athlete’s return to play. St. Charles Hospital’s ThinkSMART!™ Concussion Management Program uses the strategies described in the R.E.A.P. guidebook in the treatment and management of student athletes following a concussion.

A free copy of the guidebook can be found HERE

Sports Medicine Symposium


St. Charles Sports Medicine Symposiums feature nationally recognized guest speakers presenting on a variety of topics of interest to athletes, coaches and parents at all levels of competition, from youth sports to the NCAA. These events are offered at different times during the year and emphasize injury prevention. Recent guest speakers include Mike Scioscia, Manager of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Luga Podesta, MD, a St. Charles Sports Medicine physician who has served as a team physician and consultant to MLB (Major League Baseball), World Baseball Classic and MLB Umpires.

To recieve advanced notice about upcoming symposiums via email, please click HERE