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Press Release

Summer Safety: Concussion Signs and Symptoms

23 June, 2017

Backyard swimming pools and summer sports camps are popular choices for children looking to beat the heat and have fun during the hot days of summer. However, with an increase in physical activity comes a greater risk of personal injury. While physical activities put children at risk of a wide range of less serious injuries, like scrapes and small bruises, it is not uncommon for children to unintentionally hit their head on the diving board during a recreational swim or experience a blow to the head during a soccer or football game.

But even something as simple as a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious. A direct or indirect force to the head could result in a concussion, a common but serious traumatic brain injury that can have long term effects on child’s brain function if left untreated. Diagnosis can prove tricky, however, as studies show that more than 90% of concussions occur without any loss of consciousness.

To assist parents in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussion in their child, Jennifer Gray, DO, medical co-director of ThinkSMART!®, St. Charles Hospital’s comprehensive concussion management program, offers the following:

Signs of concussion that can be observed include:

Symptoms of concusssion frequently reported include:

Appearing to be dazed or stunned


Loss of consciousness (even briefly)

Balance deficits


Fatigue, Feeling "foggy"

Memory loss


Moving clumsily

Sensitivity to light

Slow to answer questions

Sleep disturbances

Behavior or personality changes

Vision problems

If your suspect child make have suffered a concussion, is important to see a physician with specialty training in concussion management.

For more information about the ThinkSMART!® Concussion Management Program at St. Charles, please click HERE.

To schedule an appointment with a ThinkSMART!® physician at St. Charles, call (631) 474-6797.