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Press Release

From the Colorectal Specialists at St. Charles: Four Things to Know

24 September, 2018

The recommended age for beginning routine colon cancer screening has been lowered to 45.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the new recommended age at which routine colon cancer screenings should begin for those at average risk is 45. Although some medical societies have not yet formalized this recommendation, the colorectal specialists at St. Charles offer patients the opportunity to start screening at 45.

In addition, the ACS and medical professional groups continue to agree that those at a higher-than-average risk of colon cancer need to be checked for cancerous growths before 45.

Colonoscopy provides a more definitive view of abnormalities

While experts in the field of colorectal medicine may debate whether colonoscopy should remain the gold standard for routine colon cancer screening, the colorectal specialists at St. Charles maintain that colonoscopy gives an improved view of polyps, which can be cancerous and often do not produce any symptoms such as bleeding. St. Charles colorectal specialists want to reassure patients that the preparation for this type of procedure has been improved.

Colorectal surgeons do more than perform surgery

A referral to a colorectal surgeon does not necessarily mean you need surgery. Patients are referred to colorectal specialists for a variety of procedures, routine screenings, such as colonoscopy, and non-surgical treatments. One of the most common reasons patients visit a colorectal surgeon is for hemorrhoids, which are often treated without surgery.

If you do need surgery, there are now options that can result in less pain and hospitalization

Robotic surgery and laparoscopic techniques allow a colorectal surgeon to operate on the lower digestive tract using several smaller incisions. By avoiding large surgical incisions, patients may enjoy shorter recovery time and return home sooner.

To make an appointment with a Colorectal specialist at St. Charles Hospital, call (631) 474-6797.