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5 Things to Know About Arthritis

January 29th, 2016
One out of every 5 people suffers from arthritis, a disease in which the inflammation of a joint, such as the knee or wrist, causes pain. Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the United States.

Here are 5 things you should know about this painful, but common condition:

There are two kinds of arthritis: With osteoarthritis, the tissue that lines the edge of a bone becomes worn out over time. This the most common type of arthritis. With inflammatory arthritis, your body produces disease-fighting cells that attack healthy joints and wear them out.

Arthritis is linked to obesity and heart disease: Every pound of extra weight adds 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees. Someone who is 10 pounds overweight puts an extra 40 pounds of stress on their knees. Studies show that weight loss of even a few pounds can significantly reduce knee pain related to arthritis. Studies also show that 57 percent of patients with heart disease suffer from arthritis.

Doctors recommend exercise to combat arthritis: Many doctors recommend lower impact activities such as walking, elliptical machines and bike riding. Studies show that this is the best treatment for slowing down the progression of the disease.

Osetoarthritis is preventable: Maintaining a healthy weight is key. An active lifestyle with a mix of aerobic activities (such as walking and biking) and strength training activities can help to keep your joints healthy. Other types of exercise programs such as yoga and Pilates are great as well.

St. Charles Hospital can help: St. Charles Hospital’s orthopedic physicians are bone and joint specialists who offer many different options for treating joint pain and dysfunction. It is important to know if your joint pain comes from arthritis and what type you may have. This can help guide your doctor in prescribing the right treatment.

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