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Three Long Island Couples Share Birth of Their Babies…and Much More

March 28th, 2017
Three Long Island couples who emigrated to the U.S. from the same city in India, share the same last name, and who recently celebrated a joint baby shower, all gave birth at St. Charles Hospital on the same day, Sunday, March 26. Dana Brenner, MD, delivered all three babies, two girls and a boy, on what the families have dubbed their “Super Sunday.”

“Something was in the cake at the shower,” joked Maulik Patel, whose wife Rinku gave birth to 6lb., 6oz. baby girl, Siya, at 8:29p.m. on Sunday. Less than two hours before, Rinkal Patel and her husband Ketan had welcomed their first child, 6lb., 6oz. baby boy Swar, while at 11:15a.m. Janki Patel and her husband Tejas had welcomed a 6lb. 8oz. baby girl they named Swara.

Even more remarkable is that all three women delivered earlier than expected. Rinku and Janki both had the same due date of March 8, and both delivered 11 days earlier than expected. Rinkal had more than a month remaining when she delivered.

“It was really a coincidence,“ said Maulik, who arrived at St. Charles at 6:38a.m on Sunday morning. “Maybe half an hour after we got here, Tejas text messaged me to say, “We are coming to the hospital too.” Tejas and Janki were admitted at 10:20a.m., followed less than two hours later by Rinkal and Ketan.

Rinkal explained, “We got the message about Janki--that they were having a baby girl. But when we arrived at St. Charles, we learned that Rinku was also here.”

“We were next to each other in the labor and delivery rooms,” said Maulik.

A shared birth experience seemed fitting for these friends, who met while five of them were employed at Brookhaven-based pharmaceutical company, Amneal Pharmaceuticals. They are not related and all six came to the United States from Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat in western India.

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