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St. Charles Prevention Class Reduces Fall Risk for Local Seniors

July 8, 2016

Stepping On, a falls prevention class taught by St. Charles physical therapists, Thomas Focarile and Jon Rossi, helped 21 Brookhaven Town senior citizens reduce their risk of falling by more than 31 percent. The therapists taught the 7-session program free of charge at the Town of Brookhaven’s Rose Caracappa Senior Center beginning in March 2016. The program explained the many factors which lead to falls, taught mobility techniques to avoid falling and introduced seniors to exercises which rebuild muscle strength reduced over the normal course of aging.

St. Charles has offered the Stepping On program regularly to address a well-documented public health issue affecting Suffolk County residents aged 65 and over--the prevalence of death from traumatic brain injury sustained after a fall, including falls at home. Suffolk County has one of the highest rates in New York State. To date, more than 50 participants have graduated from the St. Charles program.

St. Charles will host a course beginning September 13 at the Rose Caracappa Center and a course beginning October 5 at St. Charles Hospital. To enroll in either course, please call (631) 474-6797.