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L300 study

May 1st, 2011

St. Charles Rehabilitation to Participate in Study for Stroke Survivors Suffering from Mobility Issues: 

St. Charles Rehabilitation is participating in a new study directed at stroke survivors suffering from “foot drop,” a condition that impairs the ability to lift the foot while walking.  The study aims to examine the impact of a wireless neurostimulation technology, called the NESS L300™ Foot Drop System, on stroke survivors. Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the United States, with approximately 795,000 strokes occurring each year.

“Survivors of stroke can be left with a variety of challenges, and recovery from a stroke can take months, even years. Limited mobility may impact independence and self-confidence by making once-simple tasks, such as walking to get the mail or going up and down stairs, difficult if not nearly impossible,” said Jun Zhang, MD.  “St. Charles was selected to participate in this study because of our extensive experience in treating patients who suffer from mobility issues. We look forward to participating in this important research to determine the impact of the NESS L300 on stroke survivors’ mobility.” 

The NESS L300 from Bioness, Inc. provides an electrical stimulus to the muscles of the lower leg in order to help lift the foot up while walking. The NESS L300 has been cleared by the FDA for use in stroke rehabilitation. This ongoing study of the NESS L300 is taking place at 11 centers across the US.

Patients who are over 18 years of age who have suffered a stroke more than 3 months ago and are having trouble lifting their foot while walking may be eligible to participate in this study. Individuals interested in learning more on the study at St. Charles Rehabilitation may call [631-474-6952] for more information.

About St. Charles Rehabilitation

St. Charles is the premier center for rehabilitation on Long Island with 86 inpatient beds, a network of 9 outpatient rehabilitation facilities across Long Island, an extensive outpatient diagnostic and treatment clinic and a deeply felt commitment to helping patients get their lives back.  The high-skilled rehabilitation team includes a physiatrist, nurses, physical, occupational and recreation therapists, speech and language pathologists, neuropsychologists, respiratory therapists and social workers.  The world’s most advanced technology – including a virtual reality system for physical therapy games and equipment to stimulate the limbs of those with stroke and spinal cord injuries – is utilized for optimum patient outcomes at St. Charles Rehabilitation.

About Bioness, Inc.

Bioness develops, manufactures and markets innovative neuromodulation products that aid individuals with central nervous system disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Additional information about Bioness can be found at 

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