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With highly experienced obstetricians on staff and an outstanding reputation for quality of care for both moms and babies, our Maternal Child program attracts residents well beyond our primary service area.

Labor and Delivery

Take a Tour of Labor and Delivery 

St. Charles Hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit welcomes more than 1,500 new lives each year.  We are proud to offer care that is technologically-advanced, yet highly personalized. Options available to you when you deliver at St. Charles:

  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage
  • Dedicated obstetrical anesthesiologists
  • Spinal/epidural analgesia for labor
  • Spinal/epidural anesthesia for c-sections
  • Individual care with your private physician
  • Labor, delivery and recovery in one room
  • Ambulation during labor
  • Your support person present during labor and c-section
  • Social service assistance

To help you prepare for labor and delivery at St. Charles Hospital, we offer "Steps to Parenthood Classes," including classes on what to expect during childbirth, classes about C-sections, tours of our maternity unit and more. Get More Details

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 

St. Charles Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit offers quality care for high-risk babies, such as premature babies born at 32 weeks or later and babies born with low birth weight.

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Maternity Unit

Take a Tour of the Maternity Unit

Private Rooms
St. Charles Hospital’s Maternity Unit features 16 rooms, including private rooms with a private bathroom. All rooms are equipped with bath, phone, TV and free wireless internet connection. Husbands/Significant Others are welcome to stay overnight. For more information about our visitor policy and hours, please click HERE.

Mother-Child Bonding
At St. Charles, mothers may have their newborn stay in our nursery overnight or may keep them at their bedside at all times. "Rooming-in" with your infant means your newborn can remain with you through the majority of your hospital stay, including throughout the night. Some mothers choose "rooming-in" in order to have more bonding time with their new baby. St. Charles Hospital fully supports mothers who choose either the nursery or "rooming-in."

If you decide to breastfeed, you may request a visit by St. Charles Hospital's Certified Lactation Consultant and Lacation Counselors, who will provide you with private, one-on-one instruction and answer all your questions. St. Charles Hospital hosts a breastfeeding support group for mothers who want continued support after they have returned home with their infants. Get details on our Breast Feeding Support Group HERE.

A Superior Experience
St. Charles Hospital works to provide a superior experience to the moms who choose to have their babies here. The nursing staff in our Labor and Delivery and in our Maternity Unit receive high-praise from our moms, many of whom return to St. Charles for each pregnancy.

St. Charles specializes in "couplet care," which stands apart from standard maternity nursing care. This approach to maternity care means that you and your baby share the same nurse. As a result, your nurse has first-hand knowledge of your baby's health, knows your baby's name, and is prepared to answer questions about your child. Your nurse can provide you individualized instructions right at your bedside and show you how to care for and feed your baby until you are comfortable enough to do it on your own.

For more information on the Maternal Child Program at St. Charles Hospital, please call (631) 474-6797.



Mom Chooses St. Charles For Her High Risk Pregnancy, Returns for the Exceptional Experience

When an expectant mother learns that her pregnancy is high-risk, she seeks out safe, high-quality care for both herself and for her baby. For Lisa Hickey, a Northport resident, this search brought her to St. Charles Hospital.  And it was her experience here that brought her back for her next delivery.

Hear From Her

St. Charles Hospital Offers New Moms a "Dinner for Two"

At St. Charles Hospital, we don't just like our moms, we love them. That's why we offer all of our new moms a complimentary, three-course "Dinner for Two" the night before they are set to go home. It's just one of the ways we say "Thank You" for choosing St. Charles.

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