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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary ICU and Stroke Unit.

The 16-bed unit includes 2 diagnostic epilepsy monitoring beds and 2 negative air flow isolation rooms.  The ICU is located on the ground floor of the hospital near the emergency room and operating rooms.  Patients may be admitted to the ICU from a physician’s office, emergency room, post-operative recovery room or other hospital units.  The unit is a general ICU that includes critically ill cardiac, respiratory, septic, neurological, surgical, neurosurgical, orthopedic and gynecology patients.  In addition, St. Charles is a New York State Department of Health and Joint Commission designated Primary Stroke Center.

General Information

  • Visiting Hours
  • 2 Visitors only per patient
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited in the ICU
  • All visitors should make use of the hand sanitizers before entering and upon leaving a patient room
  • Flowers, balloons, food and electrical devices are not allowed in the ICU
  • Children are allowed in the ICU only with special permission
  • Visitors are required to use the restroom in the hallway just outside the ICU
  • Please take all patients’ valuables home
  • Visitors are not permitted to enter other patient’s rooms
  • Please refrain from touching equipment in patient rooms
  • Noise control is essential in providing an ideal ICU environment.  Please refrain from loud or boisterous behavior.

Pain Reduction

Patient comfort is one of the most important goals in the delivery of care.  For patients with communication difficulties, non-verbal pain evaluations techniques are utilized. Pain and anti-anxiety medications are administered via various methods.  If you suspect that a patient is in pain, confused or disoriented, please alert a staff member.

For safety reasons, please observe the following:

  • Windows may not be opened at any time.
  • If you observe a potentially hazardous situation, immediately alert hospital staff
  • Fall prevention: observe for liquid spills or loose items that could be tripped over
  • Certain circumstances require the use of gentle restraints to avoid falls or injury.  Do not remove the restraints or leave the patient if they are unsecured.  If in doubt, contact hospital staff
  • Observe all infectious control restrictions

Overhead Alarms & Codes

In most cases, overhead alarms and codes are tests of our system.  During a fire alarm drill, all doors to patient rooms will be closed.  Visitors are required to follow hospital staff instructions as well as remain in their loved one’s room until the all clear is announced.

Contacting the ICU:

One designated member of a patient’s family may call the ICU from 8:00-9:00 am and 8:00-9:00 pm.  Please dial (631) 474-6000 and ask for the ICU.  Contact with private physicians must be arranged directly with the physician’s office.  Hospitalists may be contacted by speaking with the patient’s nurse.

Questions or Concerns

The staff at St. Charles Hospital will strive to answer your questions or contact a member of our professional staff as necessary to provide understanding and knowledge regarding your questions and concerns.

Privacy & Confidentiality

HIPPA/Confidentiality regulations and Code of Ethics govern hospital policy regarding to whom and how patient information is provided.  In most circumstances, a spouse, next of kin or health care proxy receives patient information.

Advanced Directives/Health Care Proxy

Advanced directives and a health care proxy are legal documents pertaining to a patient’s wishes regarding life support and end of life decisions.  If you have any questions pertaining to these documents, please ask the ICU staff.

ICU Staff

Nursing Staff: The staff in the ICU includes the registered nurses, nursing care coordinators, assistant nursing care coordinators, and certified nursing assistants; all of whom maintain annual training and have extensive experience in the area of critical care.

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are responsible for admitting patients to the ICU.  PCP’s relay information to the patient and family and attend to ICU patients on a daily basis.  If a patient’s condition changes, the PCP may ask for a medical consultant to assist with a patient’s care.

Medical Consultants are physicians who are highly trained and specialized in their area of expertise.  They may assist the PCP in formulating a treatment plan as well as order or perform diagnostic tests or procedures and consult on a diagnosis and medication plan.

Ancillary Staff includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, x-ray technicians, laboratory technicians, social workers, respiratory therapists, physical or occupational therapists, dietary, clergy, housekeeping and security.

ICU Staff

Medical Director, ICU
Morton L. Glaser, MD

Nurse Care Coordinator
Kathy Collins, RN

Care Manager
Tracy Reid, RN

Assistant Nurse Care Coordinators:
Tracy McFadden, RN
Brian Topping, RN
Laura Venditti, RN