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Drug and Alcohol Detoxification


St. Charles Hospital hosts 10 of the 20 hospital beds in Suffolk County that are dedicated solely to adult inpatient medically supervised detoxification. St. Charles also offers medically supervised detoxification for adolescents. St. Charles is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The adult detox program is for individuals aged 18 and over. The adolescent detox program is for teens aged 12-18. Admission is determined by a physician and other medical professionals using evidence-based screening tools.

The medically supervised detoxification process minimizes the physiological and psychological risk to the patient by providing a safe, supervised environment. Medications are administered by physicians and nurses according to each individual’s physical needs while every attempt is made to keep our patients comfortable."The opening of this unit is a strong example of our continued mission to provide compassionate care for individuals with specialized needs."-Jim O'Connor, Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer, St. Charles Hospital.

Patients accepted into inpatient care are in need of 24-hour medically directed evaluation and treatment, provided in an acute care setting. These patients have acute withdrawal problems (with or without biomedical and/or emotional/behavioral problems) which are severe enough to require inpatient medical services. Because we are licensed as an acute care hospital, St. Charles is able to manage medical conditions of a more complex nature in the medically supervised detoxification program. Specialized physician care and 24-hour nurse care and observation are provided. 

Although education and counseling is provided, detoxification is considered the first step in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Further rehabilitation is needed in order to learn how to maintain sobriety. A referral to the inpatient chemical and alcohol rehabilitation program at St. Charles or a referral to outpatient services is strongly recommended.

For more information on the inpatient medically supervised detoxification program at St. Charles Hospital, call (631) 474-6797.