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Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Management Center at St. Charles Hospital's Specialty Care Center provides individuals who are diagnosed with either Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes the training they need to take control of this disease. The program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for providing diabetes self-management education and support. An experienced team of certified diabetes educators, including dietitians, nurses and psychologists, are prepared to work closely with each participant.

Most insurance providers, including Medicare, cover the cost of diabetes education.

A referral from your physician may be necessary.

Begin with Core Classes...

Diabetes Overview
The overview class provides an in-depth discussion of the causes, treatments and complications of diabetes. Your individual needs will be assessed and an education plan will be developed for you.

Nutrition Basics
During this session, the various effects of protein, carbohydrate, fat, alcohol, exercise and stress will be explained. You will learn to adjust your diet to decrease diabetes complications and to improve your overall health. You will also be taught how to make healthy choices in restaurants, prevent hypoglycemia and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Meal Planning
This class is designed to show you how to understand and use food labels as well as determine portion size. You will be given an individualized meal plan tailored to your specific needs. Strategies for implementing the meal plan will be provided and you will create sample menus for yourself.

Preventing Complications
The role of oral medications, insulin, lab tests and the health care team in the management of diabetes are the focus of this class. You will learn how to assess blood sugar control and minimize your risk of the serious complications associated with diabetes.

This session provides the opportunity to assess your progress and reinforce all that you learned in previous classes. Since enrollment is limited to three people, individual concerns can be addressed.

Additional available classes include:

Blood Glucose Monitoring
You will be given a blood glucose meter and step-by-step instructions on how to test your blood sugar if you are currently not doing so.

Coping with Diabetes
The purpose of this class is to provide you with an overview of the psychological factors that can affect diabetes management. In addition, mechanisms to adopt positive coping styles are reviewed and you will be made aware of the various support services in the community.

Carbohydrate Counting One
This session will provide information regarding food labels, portion size and
fiber. In addition, using an insulin-tocarbohydrate ratio as a method to achieve blood sugar control will be taught.

Carbohydrate Counting Two
During this individual session, your food and blood sugar will be carefully analyzed.
The data will be used to estimate an insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio. This session may be taken more than once, as it often requires several adjustments to determine exact carbohydrate and insulin needs.

Cooking Techniques
This class consists of cooking demonstrations, food tasting and recipe modifications for people with diabetes.

Thinking Thin
Strategies for changing behaviors for weight loss and improved health will be the focus of this session. Ideas for making appropriate choices when eating out and on vacation will also be given.

Holiday Eating
At this class, you will learn how to maintain blood sugar control during holidays and at special occasions. You will be provided with seasonal recipes and suggestions on how to stay healthy throughout the year.

Getting in Shape
Determining what exercise program is right for you and strategies for a more active and healthy lifestyle are the focus of this session.

To enroll in classes or to have questions answered, please call (631) 474-6797.


St. Charles Accredited for Diabetes Education from Amercian Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association recognizes St. Charles for meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.

Read the Standards