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St. Charles Expands Robotic Surgery Program With Addition Of Most Advanced da Vinci; New Surgical Options

January 22, 2019

St. Charles Hospital has expanded its robotic surgery program with the introduction of the da Vinci Xi, the newest, fourth-generation release of the ground-breaking surgical system used by the nation's top hospitals for surgery.

The introduction of the da Vinci Xi system at St. Charles brings thoracic surgery to the hospital and expands the technologies utilized for surgeries on the stomach, digestive tract, uterus, urinary tract, colon and rectum.



"Surgical technology is continually evolving and St. Charles Hospital is continually evolving as well," said Jim O'Connor, President, St. Charles Hospital. "We are focused on meeting the demand for leading-edge procedures right here on Long Island while also providing the compassionate care which has been our mission, and our hallmark, for more than a century."

St. Charles Hospital's fourth-generation da Vinci, the da Vinci Xi, incorporates more advanced instrumentation, enhanced visualizations and a more streamline design than previously released da Vinci models.

Top Surgeries performed with St. Charles Hospital's da Vinci Xi include:

  • Thoracic Surgery
  • General Surgery
    • Hernia Repair in the Groin, Abdomen, and Incision Site
    • Gallbladder Removal / Surgery
    • Spleen Removal / Surgery
  • Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery
    • Sleeve Gastrectomy
    • Gastric Bypass
    • Revisional Bariatric Surgery
    • Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch
  • Colorectal Surgery
    • Colon Resection for Cancer, Polyps and Diverticulitis 
    • Pelvic Resection
    • Rectal Prolapse Surgery
  • Gynecologic Surgery
    • Hysterectomy
  • Urological Surgery
    • Ureter Reconstruction
    • Prostate Removal
    • Kidney Tumor Removal

For more information about robotic surgery at St. Charles Hospital, please call (631) 474-6797.