What to Expect

Admission to the Acute Rehabilitation Program

On the first day of admission you will be seen by members of the rehabilitation team including the physician and the nurse. The physician will review your records and evaluate your current medical condition. The rehabilitation nurse will interview you and your family, evaluate your condition and determine your initial nursing requirements and the plan for your care. Your therapists will evaluate you on the same day or the following day. Please attempt to have suitable clothing available within the first 24 hours of admission to the rehabilitation unit.  This is so the staff can begin to help you to get into more comfortable attire and to ensure completion of your functional evaluation.

Evaluation and Treatment Plan

The first day of your therapy program will begin with evaluations by the therapy staff as ordered by your doctor.  The evaluations will consist of the therapist working with you to see what you are able to do and what your limitations are in various functional tasks as well as with tasks that challenge the way you are thinking.  You will be asked to identify goals for your rehabilitation program.  Taking an active role in your care will mean that you help to point out to the staff what you would like to get out of the rehabilitation program.  With the information from the evaluation and with your input, the rehabilitation team will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your needs and your abilities.  Focused areas of treatment will be determined as a result of the team evaluation, as well as taking into account you and your family’s goals.  Your treatment plan is reviewed and may be updated on a weekly basis at the Team Conference.

Team Conference

The Interdisciplinary team will meet and discuss your initial status and progress with your rehabilitation program weekly.  Your short and long terms goals are reviewed by the team and modified as needed based on your progress and with input from you and your family.  Each member of the rehabilitation team is representing you, the patient, at this meeting to ensure that your goals and needs are considered in the planning of your care.  Following the meeting, the social worker/care manager will review your case with you and your family and discuss any updates on progress, changes in your treatment plan and estimated discharge date with you and your and family.

Family Meeting

As you begin to advance in your rehabilitation program, you and your family may have more and more questions and/or concerns regarding the next steps in the rehabilitation process.  Some of the questions that often come up are:

  • When will I be ready to leave the hospital?
  • Will I be able to go home from St. Charles?
  • What type of help will my family need to provide for me in order to be able to go home?
  • What type of modifications to the home will need to be completed before I can go home?
  • What kind of equipment will be important in the plan to go home?
  • Will I continue to receive rehabilitation services once leaving St. Charles? 
  • What are some of the safety precautions that we will need to be aware of when I go home? 
  • Will my family need to undergo training for medical care and mobility assistance to help care for me upon returning home?
  • If I am unable to go home, what will we have to plan for next?

One of the most helpful ways to help alleviate the stress that this may cause is to take an active role in the process of planning for the next level of care.  The Rehabilitation Team strongly recommends that you take part in a Family Meeting.  These meetings are held with select team members to discuss your progress, goals, discharge plans and to answer questions and concerns that you and your family may have.  This meeting will also help answer questions that the members of the rehabilitation team may have for your family to help develop a more individualized discharge plan with you.  The Social Worker helps you to lead the team in the family meeting and discusses discharge planning possibilities and the easiest way to help plan for the various choices that you may have.  These meetings are scheduled as indicated during your stay.

If at any time you or your family feels that you would benefit from this type of group meeting, please contact your Social Worker.

Therapy Schedule

You will be receiving 3 hours of therapy per day for a minimum of 5 days per week.  It is most common for patients to receive the full three hour program Monday thru Friday; however, the therapy staff may provide the full three hour program on Saturday or Sunday for your initial weekend that you are at the hospital for rehabilitation.   A modified therapy schedule may be available to patients on Saturday based on the individual needs and progress of the patient in their rehabilitation program.  The treatment plan typically includes physical & occupational therapy services at a minimum.  Speech and Language Pathology, Psychology, Therapeutic Recreation and Nutritional Services will be included in your program based on your individual needs.