Steps to Parenthood Classes

To help parents to prepare for childbirth, St. Charles Hospital offers "Steps to Parenthood" classes that can help to ease many of the fears and anxieties that parents might have.

Because knowledge of what to expect leads to a positive childbirth experience, our classes gives the entire family the opportunity to be involved in the parent-child bonding process.

Together, with the dedicated team of healthcare professionals in Maternal Child Health, our "Steps to Parenthood" classes strengthens St. Charles Hospital's commitment to offering the highest-quality, family-centered maternity care to our community.

The "Steps to Parenthood Classes" are part of St. Charles Hospital's comprehensive Family Health and Wellness Program.

Classes include:

    • The Art of Breastfeeding (Breastfeeding Class)
    • Breastfeeding Mother's Group (FREE Support Group)
    • Daddy Bootcamp
    • C-Section Class*
    • Childbirth Preparation/Lamaze*
    • Maternity Unit Tours (FREE)
    • Mommy's Little Helper (Sibling Class)
    • Newborn Parenting 101

*Free to women registered to deliver at St. Charles



For more information or to register for one our classes, please call our Family Education Department at (631) 474-3700.

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