Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Specialists and staff at St Charles Sleep Disorders Center have a combined knowledge/experience base of over 50 years in Sleep Medicine.

The St Charles Sleep Disorders Center, located on the 4th floor at St Charles Hospital, is available to help you get a refreshing night's sleep.

Whether you suffer from loud snoring, insomnia, apnea, restless legs, or any other of the multitude of problems that steal your dreams, our professional Board Certified Sleep Specialists and our technical staff should be your first step towards a speedy resolution.

Untreated sleep problems not only affect your family relationships but also have been linked to a high correlation with strokes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, traffic accidents, decreased job performance, and many other undesirable results.

While the Sleep Center is a state of the art facility, the training and experience of our staff is founded on the traditional St Charles Hospital core values of excellence, compassion, and care for our patients.

Although there are many sleep facilities, few match the knowledge of our front office staff, the dedication and knowledge of our Sleep Specialists, the comfort of our sleep rooms, the professional and compassionate care of our technical staff, and the timely response to your primary physician with your complete results.

We welcome any inquiries that you may have concerning your sleep testing needs.


Sleep Well!

Please feel free to call us at 474-NAPS (6277) or email our Sleep Center Coordinator, Mr. Brendan Duffy, RPSGT at

Fax#: (631) 474-6761