Letter from Dr. Jennifer Semel

Webster’s Dictionary defines rehabilitation as “the physical restoration of a sick or disabled person by therapeutic measures and reeducation to participation in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of the person's physical disability.”

That is certainly a simple and succinct definition yet there is nothing simple or succinct about the rehabilitation process.  Each individual should have a rehabilitation program customized to their specific needs with a team of specialists in the field of rehabilitation working with and overseeing their care.  Each patient should have every opportunity to reach their optimum potential.


St. Charles, a recognized leader in rehabilitation across Long Island, continues the compassionate mission established more than 100 years ago when four Sisters, of the order of the Daughters of Wisdom, accepted 24 homeless, disabled children into their care.   Today, we remain committed to assisting each and every individual achieve their potential whether recovering from an accident, injury or illness.  I am the Medical Director of the Rehabilitation program at St. Charles and would like to provide you with an overview of our program and invite you to take time to browse the information provided on this website.

Rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach that includes medical treatment and education to help disabled individuals achieve their maximum function as well as an increased level of independence.   This includes walking, talking, adjusting to life with assistive devices, returning to work, driving, household functions such as preparing food as well as a wide array of other skills that help people achieve a level of independence.

St. Charles Rehabilitation fulfills all the needs of patients requiring rehabilitation from the initial stages of acute rehabilitation through community re-entry.  An individualized, integrated treatment plan is designed for each patient in order to meet their needs.  This plan includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, psychology, social work and community re-entry.  In addition, St. Charles provides outpatient rehabilitation services through eight satellite facilities across Long Island.

What truly sets St. Charles apart from other rehabilitation programs is the extraordinarily compassionate care that patient and their families receive here.  We believe in our mission and realize the importance of bringing specialists together to provide a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation - one that will provide an optimum outcome for each and every patient.