The following are some frequently asked questions:

What types of inpatient services are offered?

The rehabilitation treatment team customizes all programs and services for each patient’s specific needs. The team is led by a physiatrist (physician that specializes in rehabilitation) and includes nurses and physical, occupational, recreational therapists, speech language pathologists.  Other team members include social workers, psychologists, and discharge planners. The most important members of the team are the patient and his/her family.  The rehabilitation team meets regularly to review patient progress.

How does inpatient rehabilitation differ from an acute hospital?

A stay in an Inpatient rehabilitation unit is very different than a stay in an acute hospital.  Within the first 24 hours at an inpatient rehabilitation center, patients receive an extensive assessment from various members of their rehabilitation team in order to determine their physical, therapeutic and psychological needs. Following the assessment, the rehabilitation team in collaboration with the patient and family, form a plan of care.

Once the plan of care is outlined, patients are expected to work hard to participate in scheduled therapies and educational programs. Families and caregivers are also encouraged to participate. This ensures that the patient and family receive the most from their time spent in the rehabilitation program.

How long do patients stay for inpatient rehabilitation services?

Length of stay is based on each individual’s treatment goals and determined by the rehabilitation team. The rehabilitation treatment team continually monitors each patient’s progress while working with the patient and family/caregiver to prepare for discharge. The average length of stay at an inpatient rehabilitation facility is approximately 7 to 21days but varies depending on reason for admission.

What type of rehabilitation will I receive?

At St. Charles Rehabilitation, you will receive acute rehabilitation services provided with the oversight of a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician (physiatrist). Typically, patients receive up to three hours of physical, occupational or speech/language therapy services each day as well as 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care.

How do I know if I qualify for inpatient rehabilitation care?

St. Charles Rehabilitation provides care to qualifying individuals who have one or more conditions requiring intensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation care. A patient’s rehabilitation diagnosis must be medically manageable (i.e. stroke, amputation, spinal cord or brain injury, arthritis, burns, etc.) and they must be able to tolerate 3 hours of therapy in a 24-hour period for a minimum of 5 days a week. Other admission criteria also apply. To speak with Rehabilitation Admissions, please call 631-474-6260.

Can St. Charles Rehabilitation handle complex medical problems and pre-existing conditions?

Staff at St. Charles Rehabilitation can handle most pre-existing conditions and complex medical problems. A physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, called a physiatrist, manages the care of each patient and consults with specialists as needed.

What happens after discharge?

St. Charles Rehabilitation network consists of eight outpatient rehabilitation facilities.  Once patients are able to leave the inpatient program they can continue their physical, occupational and/or speech/language therapy at one of the sites. 

Is the cost of inpatient rehabilitation covered by my insurance?

In most cases the answer is yes. However, an experienced member of the staff will be happy to assist you with insurance questions and concerns.

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