Cardiac Rehabilitation


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation at St. Charles is a comprehensive disease management program which features not only medically supervised exercise; but also risk factor modification, education, and quality of life improvement. The intent is to control and alleviate as much as possible the symptoms and complications associated with coronary heart disease and to reverse the disease process wherever possible. Features of this specialized cardiac rehab program include medically supervised, telemetry monitored exercise and behavior modification. 

The goal is to reduce the risk of further cardiac problems by controlling cholesterol, lowering hypertension, managing stress, increasing exercise activity, and reducing body weight. Our clients also learn angina awareness and smoking cessation counseling is available to all participants and their families.

Sessions are one hour in length and are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation at St. Charles is designed to help individuals with chronic lung disease to breathe easier.  Pulse oxymetry is used to monitor blood oxygen levels; oxygen is available for patients who need it to help them exercise with less shortness of breath.  Features of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program include supervised physical conditioning, breathing retraining exercises, bronchial hygiene, and education enable with the goal of improving lung disease patients ability to function with less shortness of breath while reducing hospitalizations and improving quality of life.

Both Cardiac and Pulomonary Rehabilitation focus on health promotion and secondary prevention rather than an illness state.  Patients and their families are empowered by learning self-management skills and behavior modification from our experienced staff.  We believe that cardiopulmonary conditioning is most effective when a multi-disciplinary approach is used.  Our clinical team includes board-certified physiatrists (doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine), respiratory therapists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and dieticians.  This diverse professional expertise gives us the ability to offer a complete program that embraces disease prevention, health promotion, therapy, and continuity of care with patients’ personal physicians.

When a patient begins our cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation program, they are evaluated by our team and an individualized plan of care is created.  An individualized plan allows us to safely improve cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary fitness, assist in return to work (where appropriate), reduce the risk factor profile and restore self-esteem.

A Cardiopulmonary Health & Fitness Program is available for a nominal fee for patients who complete their therapy yet wish to continue to exercise in a professionally supervised environment.  For individuals with transportation issues, a courtesy coach service is also available for a nominal fee.


A physician’s prescription is required.  Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation are covered under Medicare and most other insurers for those individuals diagnosed with pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease or who have had recent coronary angioplasty, open heart surgery or heart transplantation. Prior to beginning the rehabilitation program, the referring physician is asked to supply certain test results (i.e. EKG, stress test, cardiac catheterization, etc,) depending on the admitting diagnosis.

Telephone: (631) 474-6859.