Baseline Testing

Baseline Testing for Concussion Management

Baseline testing is one component of ThinkSMART!™, St. Charles Hospital's Comprehensive Concussion Management Program. Individuals who undergo baseline testing for concussion management at St. Charles take a computerized neurocognitive test, ideally before they engage in sports or activites which put them at risk of injury. The results of the computerized neurocognitive test can then act as a baseline against which St. Charles's concussion experts can compare brain function following a concussion. The comparison of test results is part of a complete assessment that assists St. Charles's concussion experts in developing an individual’s treatment plan for concussion.
For baseline testing, St. Charles chooses the imPACT™ computerized neurocognitive exam. 

Clinicians from ThinkSMART!™, St. Charles Hospital's Concussion Management Program, partners with school districts to implement a concussion management protocol which includes baseline testing for student athletes. 

Individual baseline testing is also available at St. Charles Hospital. Education is essential. Our expert clinicians are available to provide education to coaches, trainers, students and parents.

If you wish to make an appointment to be treated at the Concussion Management Center, please call (631) 476-4323.

School districts interested in concussion education and/or baseline testing, please call (631) 476-5606.