Acute Rehabilitation vs. Subacute Rehabilitation

To make the best choice when selecting a rehabilitation facility after discharge from the ICU, or intensive care unit, patients need to know the difference between acute rehabilitation versus sub-acute rehabilitation.

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Acute Rehabilitation

  • Acute medical rehabilitation programs are located in a hospital. St. Charles offers acute medical rehabilitation.

  • Patient care is under the direction of a physiatrist (a physician specializing in rehabilitation care) who assesses and monitors your medical and rehab status daily. The physiatrist also provides direction to the team of rehabilitation professionals caring for you.
  • Acute medical rehabilitation programs provide around-the-clock rehabilitative nursing, and you will participate in intensive rehabilitation therapy (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology) A MINIMUM OF 3 HOURS PER DAY,  FIVE DAYS A WEEK.

Subacute Rehabilitation

  • Sub-acute rehabilitation programs are in nursing homes.
  • Physician interaction usually occurs once or twice a week and is often not by a physician with specialty training in rehabilitation care.
  • Sub-acute rehabilitation is less intense and less comprehensive than acute rehabilitation.

Patients who are considered appropriate for acute inpatient rehabilitation must be able to actively participate in three hours of rehabilitation each day, five days a week.  St. Charles Hospital’s case managers and screeners will assist patients in determining which level of care is most appropriate.

While there may be a facility that offers rehabilitation services closer to your home, the skilled rehabilitation professionals at St. Charles encourage you to consider the benefits of continuing your care at St. Charles Rehabilitation – the regional leader in rehabilitation for more than a century.

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Acute Rehabilitation vs Sub Acute Rehabilitation